Northeast Sales Manager, Evergreen Enterprises

Ellen Zink

“From the very beginning of my journey, Kate and the Kickstart team were phenomenal! With so much else on my mind to plan, this part of our event was pushed to the side. Kate kept coming to me with ideas and solutions and didn’t stop until I was happy. There were many issues that came up, such as bad weather, not enough space, and timing. Kate & her team rolled with every challenge thrown at her with confidence. There is no way I could have accomplished such a successful event without her experience and guidance. I think my biggest accolades goes to her positive attitude throughout the planning. I highly recommend Kickstart’s service to anyone and everyone who is searching for a fun and memorable event.”

Manager, Richmond, VA


“I have worked with KickStart on several different projects. Just recently, KickStart worked to create and facilitate some experiential exercises to demonstrate to a student group how our company thinks about leadership. KickStart listened to our objective, brainstormed different activities that we could use, and provided several scenarios for managing time and cost. They showed up and were very prepared to deliver a great experience to the students and the students’ engagement and confidence grew with each activity. It was fun to watch it all come to life.”

Senior Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Richmond, VA

Dr. Craig Sherouse

“Our time with KickStart Specialists was one of the most productive Teambuilding experiences I have had. Their exercises were fun, challenging and effective, and our Team's reflections on them have caused some very positive changes. I cannot give a higher recommendation!”

President & CEO, Family Lifeline, Richmond, VA

Amy Strite

“Kate is a skilled coach and mentor. She works with you to develop an approach that is unique to your individual needs and interests. I have known and worked with Kate for a number of years. She has been my leadership coach as well as primary support on various organizational projects, which include: organizational development, change leadership and strategic business planning. I am grateful for her support. Because of Kate and our work together, I am a better leader, staff members are more engaged, and we are better prepared for our future.“

President & CEO, Scaffolding Solutions, LLC, Richmond, VA

Roger Jetton

“Working with Bob and Kate is one of the 3 best things I have done since taking over this company. Adult education, particularly with this level employee is challenging to make effective and significant. Their interactive learning process… was outstanding to observe and participate in. The effectiveness could visibly be measured by seeing how engaged even the most resistant 'old-dogs, who know it all!' became… and we have planty of them!”

Manager, Fortune 500 Company


“We considered a number of different options for team building vendors.  Ultimately we chose Kickstart Specialists because of their unique blend of expertise and flexibility.  We had a unique challenge and they had a unique solution.  Since the offsite, the team as a whole has gotten excited about creating our unique Rules of Engagement because we see the culture we want and have become engaged in bringing it to life.”

Attorney - Poarch Law

Christine Poarch

“Our law office contacted KickStart to encourage a better understanding of the personality dynamics of our team and foster a greater level of insight within our organization about how we each process information, deal with stress, handle conflict, and relate interpersonally.  As a boutique law firm working in a high demand and high stress practice area, it's easy to ignore the important effort of caring for our own and making sure they have the resources needed to work well together, encourage each other and keep up the fight. We now work with KickStart to provide annual staff training, annual management team training, and we also work with KickStart as needed when we're assessing performance, adjusting work among practice groups, and to address issues that require the insight of someone outside our organization.  Our annual staff training centers around the DISC assessments but is always tailored to our specific needs at that time.  What we've found is that by providing this opportunity and space for our full office or our core management team to focus on how we work together, we improve overall employee morale, increase connections among team members and reserve our best energy for serving our clients.  We would recommend KickStart to any organization--large or small--that wants to commit to the valuable work of group development, work process refinement, and intraoffice growth.”

Office Manager, Second Baptist Church, Richmond, VA

Kathy Driver

“KickStart Specialists recently orchestrated and facilitated an office team building workshop for our church staff. Our workshop was personally designed by Bob Riley and his staff specifically to meet some key objectives. Both Bob and Kate Foster facilitated our day with professional and innovative assignments. We had a fabulous day of team building and learning more about ourselves and each other in the context of our work environment. We also had a lot of fun and laughter together as we focused on our different workstyles. We learned so much through them and we will continue to use them when we have team building exercises in the future.”

President & CEO, Scaffolding Solutions, LLC, Richmond, VA

Roger A. Jetton

“It is with sincere honor that I express what a positive impact you have had on our company and key employees. We have had a training/coaching relationship with KickStart Specialists for over 5 years with every training event, employee coaching session, and Behavioral Profile review adding value to each employee’s professional capability. One of the most significant programs, was a custom developed field crew-leader Supervisor/Leadership Training Class designed to develop supervisory and crew leadership skills built specifically for our company’s scaffolding services business. The training was on-target, delivered even better than the outlined objectives that were jointly developed for the customized program. Additionally, Bob and Kate’s methods are extremely effective for adult learning, something that is very difficult to find in most professional training resources.

Lastly, the KickStart Team is sincere, conscientious, connects well with all levels of employee participants, and truly care about creating positive improvements for their clients’ businesses and with the employees they are training. I can unequivocally recommend using KickStart for any service they offer… it will be well worth the investment with whom they may work.”

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