Give your team a fresh perspective and build stronger collaborative leaders. We believe people learn best through fun and experiential activities. As such, we leverage and build relevant activities to address specific business challenges and help participants relate back to their professional roles and personal lives.

We use an Action-Reflection learning model, that simply means we spend time reflecting on behaviors that were observed during the activity once the activity is complete. Most importantly, we then discuss how those behaviors relate back to your workshop’s themes, how they tie back to work and what may need to change as a result of this awareness.

Your team will leave our workshop empowered and equipped to approach situations in new and effective ways. Contact Us Today

Here are a few benefits our clients have realized by utilizing these workshops:
  • Increased levels of self and team awareness
  • Clarity of roles & responsibilities
  • Depersonalization and understanding of assumptions being made
  • Improved performance and team collaboration
  • Greater job satisfaction and improved employee engagement

Sample Team Building & Leadership Development Programs

Individual/Team Profiling

(DISC, CliftonStrengths, Emergenetics, Emotional Intelligence)

- Team workshops to improve group dynamics

Self-awareness is a critical component when creating cohesive and collaborative teams. We offer several different proven assessments that can help you understand the human dynamics of teams in a fun and meaningful way.

Action Adventure/Games

- Fun and Educational

An insightful learning opportunity reinforced through action–packed challenges or brain games. Whether you’re looking to overcome communication challenges, build trust or increase productivity, we’ve got the right activity for you.

Leadership Development or Immersion

- Real-time Leadership Education

We offer customized learning experiences for leaders at all levels. Using relatable challenges, we introduce tools and practical strategies to help bring out the best in your leaders.

Community Service

- Build Your Team While Giving Back to Your Community

Teams work cohesively to build a product or deliver a service to be donated to a local charity. We have a variety of community partners we support. We’ll collaborate with you to select a local charity that will best meet your organization’s needs.

Team Education/Training

(Communications, Leadership, Navigating Change, Innovation, Challenging the Status Quo)

- Education with a focus on interactive work application

There are times when teams need focused training. We have a diverse offering of topics that we customize to fit your culture. Teams will gain new information but also a practical understanding on how to apply what they’ve learned.

“Working with Bob and Kate is one of the 3 best things I have done since taking over this company.  Adult education, particularly with this level employee is challenging to make effective and significant. Their interactive learning process… was outstanding to observe and participate in. The effectiveness could visibly be measured by seeing how engaged even the most resistant 'old-dogs, who know it all!' became… and we have plenty of them!”

President & CEO, Scaffolding Solutions, LLC, Richmond, VA

Roger Jetton