We help businesses and individuals manage change, maneuver obstacles and introduce strategies for success. We work with you to help assess your situation and differentiate symptom from underlying problem. We pair you with the right professional to meet your needs, and establish goals that are meaningful, realistic and tangible. We become your accountability partner to insure you are set up for success, realize those goals and can capitalize on your investment.

The difference between coaching & consulting? In consulting, we give you the answers, while coaching helps you discover your own. Regardless of the service, we work with you to accomplish the right solution for your needs.
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Our clients using these services have gained the following benefits:
  • Awareness of personal strengths and how to leverage them to be a more effective leader
  • Identified imbalance or ineffectiveness within the organization and developed strategies to address it
  • Regained control over their schedule and learned how to more effectively prioritize and manage time
  • Learned techniques for managing challenging situations and employees
  • Successful merger of two organizations into one highly functioning team with a clear Vision and Mission and a culture that everyone felt a part of

Coaching Services

Executive Coaching

- Our interactive approach uses a variety of techniques to help you navigate challenges and achieve your personal and professional goals. We will match you with a professional coach who will focus on your needs, identify opportunities for you or your organization and help you reach your goals. Together, we tackle the tough issues, supporting and challenging you to achieve your desired outcome.

Leadership Coaching

- Our coaches specialize in creating an instant rapport with professionals at all levels. We understand the complex and difficult job of a leader, and our coaching service will provide a collaborative relationship to increase your effectiveness and provide significant results. Our goal is to strengthen you as a leader. You will learn about your own behaviors and the personalities of those around you. You will have a trusted partner who will maintain complete confidence and hold you accountable. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, personal connection, and results-oriented approach to coaching.

Group Coaching

- We evaluate the challenges within your group and help you overcome individual and team obstacles. Whether the group is challenged with style differences, ineffective communication, leveraging team strengths or simply wanting to take performance to the next level, coaching can give your group more specialized support than what you might get from just training.

Consulting Services

Employee Engagement Assessments / Team Evaluations

- Measure and improve team engagement. We provide objective and proven surveys that can be customized to your specific needs and that pinpoint the positive ways your employees are plugged in as well as the opportunities for greater engagement.

Change Management

- Communicate goals clearly and secure team buy-In. One of the areas that most organizations overlook when going through change is their people. We help leaders and their organizations plan and prepare, execute plans, measure progress, and celebrate changes.

Problem Resolution

- Get bottlenecks out of the way. Objective consulting to help employees sift through and identify real solutions to their biggest challenges.

Mission, Vision, Values, Goal Setting

- Present your objectives with clarity and meaning. We guide and focus teams to develop meaningful mission, vision, and values statements that reflect their organization's true purpose.

Team Culture

- Teams need an identity to create a sense of belonging and a cultural foundation for work. You have a new team (or acquired an existing one), but it has no identity or true team comradery. Let us work with your team to build a culture based on team mission and values.

Meeting Design & Facilitation

- From setting meeting agendas to arranging details we design and facilitate productive discussions for your team. Let us alleviate the burden of meeting planning by designing and facilitating a meeting that is relevant, informative and most of all engaging and highly interactive.

“I’ve been an independent person for all my adult life. Managing my affairs, pushing for professional advancement and pursuing my goals and dreams. However, it dawned on me that I wasn’t achieving the results I wanted and that maybe I was getting in my own way. Being a former athlete and AAU coach, I know that sometimes you need someone to help guide you toward you next breakthrough. That’s where Kate has helped me greatly. I’d heard about life coaches, but never sought one out because I couldn’t see the immediate impact they’d make. A friend recommended Kate to me and from our first session, I felt a connection that caused me to want to explore more.

I have found Kate to be a person of great candor. She cares personally about your success and she will challenge you directly. For example, the probing questions she asked me about choosing a short-term win vs a longer-term victory helped me clearly understand ALL the options. I had only considered the options I wanted to see and not all the solutions available. Once I saw the entire picture, as painful as it was, the choice was clear. In the end, picking the previously undiscovered option was where my victory was. That was only possible from having Kate ask the right thoughtful questions. The coaching sessions that we continue to have has evolved into executive topics in my professional life. The overall experience has been both uncomfortable and refreshing at times, however at the end of each one I feel I’ve grown and gained a new view on the topic at hand.

Because of the value that Kate has given me, my son, who appears “stuck” in his career and life has now started meeting with Kate. And I’ll tell you, I won’t let anyone advise him without having firsthand experience and trust with that person.”

Director, Capital One

André Minns