Professional messages crafted perfectly for your audience. We take the time to craft the right message for your event or meeting. Whether it is for a small gathering, or hundreds of attendees, the same care and consideration go into the preparation. We pride ourselves on being able to connect with your audience in a memorable way.

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Some benefits of having one of our keynote speakers at your event:
  • Grounds your meeting around a theme or area of focus, providing continuity across meeting topics
  • Sets the tone for the meeting – getting participants energized and motivated, while learning something new at the same time
  • Can also give team members/employees a chance to know each other, beyond day-to-day work responsibilities

Popular Keynote Topics


- Change your thinking and change your world! Question your boxes/limitations and discover possibility.

Bridging Personality Differences

- Ever feel like you are speaking in a foreign language to the people you work with? Want to know what is behind most team conflict? We use DISC with your participants to give awareness and help explain (and hopefully help resolve) this phenomenon.

Leverage Individual Strengths, Build Team Efficiencies

- There is a belief that every individual is born with a specific and unique set of talents. Tapping into those talents (and leveraging the talents of others) can radically change your employees' level of happiness and overall performance.

Navigating Change

- Your team or organization is going through change… Your people are NOT on board! It’s not in our nature to openly accept change and what’s worse is that most organizations focus on the things or work that is changing… not the people!

Overcoming Communication Challenge

- Only 7% of what is actually communicated, is communicated via the words we use. And we wonder why so many messages end up in the abyss or get lost in translation. Learn the tricks to effective communication, how to adjust to accommodate different audiences and how to ensure your message was understood the way you intended.

The Juggling Act Between Life and Career

- Can you have it all? Balancing life and career doesn’t have to be a myth. It’s all about your values and how you prioritize those things that are important to you!

The Secrets Behind Employee Motivation and Innovation

- Is your team or organization stuck in a rut? Do you feel like your employees are just punching the clock? Innovation doesn’t just happen and if you keep doing the same things, you’ll be sure to get the same results. Something has to change and it starts with you!

Leadership VS. Management, They Aren’t the Same

- 30 years ago, people were promoted into management because they worked through the ranks and knew how to do the job. They could tell employees what to do because they were experts in it. Today, that’s not necessarily the case. Leading and motivating teams requires so much more than just hands-on expertise! Today’s leaders need to coach and facilitate versus direct. Understand the art and science behind today's strong leaders.

Navigating the Generational Divide

- Millennials are self-absorbed. Baby Boomers are too structured and traditional. Or is that really true? Learn what cultivated each of the 5 generations in the workplace and understand how to leverage each diverse group to optimize your organization!

Who AM I? – Building Personal Brand

- In today’s over sensationalized world, more than ever, each of us has to have something that makes us stand out from the crowd… that makes us unique. Find out why personal brand is important and discover your differentiator!

“We chose Kickstart Specialists because of their unique blend of expertise and flexibility.  We had a unique challenge and they had a unique solution.  Since the offsite the team as a whole has gotten excited about creating our unique Rules of Engagement because we see the culture we want and have become engaged in bringing it to life.”

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